Lebanon is a nation with a long and rich history. Phoenician, Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Arab, Crusader, and Ottoman remains are dispersed about the nation and the most significant of them are effectively open. Byblos, Beirut, Tire and Sidon are among the most seasoned constantly populated urban areas on the planet. There are Roman showers in Beirut, just as the Cardio Maximus - to give some examples. Byblos is likewise wealthy in Crusader ruins and for a little expense you can see them (they are situated close to the bazaar). There are a great deal of old mosques, synagogues, and places of worship in Lebanon. Additionally make sure to visit the Place des (Martyrs' Square) in Beirut, a statue raised in memory of the Lebanese patriots who were hanged by the Ottomans for revolting during the principal World War.