Japan is frequently hard to comprehend for those informed in the west. It can appear to be loaded with logical inconsistencies. Numerous Japanese partnerships command their enterprises, yet in the event that you read the money related news it appears as though Japan is for all intents and purposes bankrupt. Urban communities are as current and cutting edge as anyplace else, yet tumbledown wooden shacks can at present be spotted beside glass fronted architect condos. Japan has excellent sanctuaries and nurseries which are regularly encompassed by ostentatious signs and appalling structures. The most acclaimed café in the nation, which costs several dollars for supper, is a little shop situated in a metro station seating not exactly twelve individuals. In current high rises you'll find sliding wooden entryways which lead to conventional chambers with tatami mats, shoji screens, and calligraphy, reasonable for customary tea functions. These juxtapositions can appear to be bewildering or shaking to those used to the more uniform nature of European and North American urban areas, however in the event that you let go, and acknowledge the layered feel, you'll discover fascinating and amazing spots all through the nation.