British Indian Ocean Territory

The British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) is an abroad domain of the United Kingdom arranged in the Indian Ocean somewhere between Tanzania and Indonesia, and straightforwardly south of the Maldives. The domain involves the seven atolls of the Chagos Archipelago with more than 1,000 individual islands – numerous extremely little – adding up to an all out land zone of 60 square kilometers (23 sq mi). The biggest and most southerly island is Diego Garcia, 27 km2 (10 sq mi), the site of a joint military office of the United Kingdom and the United States. The main occupants of the domain are US and British military faculty and related temporary workers, who by and large number around 2,500 (2012 figures). The expulsion of Chagossians from the Chagos Archipelago happened somewhere in the range of 1968 and 1973. The Chagossians, at that point numbering around 2,000 individuals, were removed by the British government to Mauritius and Seychelles to enable the United States to fabricate a joint UK/US army installation there. Today, the banished Chagossians are as yet attempting to return, contending that the constrained ejection and dispossession were unlawful. The islands are beyond reach to Chagossians, easygoing travelers, and the media.