A landlocked nation between Near East and Indoasia and is at the core of Asia, generally, part of the Greater Middle East, Afghanistan is circumscribed by Pakistan toward the south and east, Iran toward the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan toward the north. There is a short fringe with China to the far upper east, but in incredibly out of reach territory. Afghanistan has been the center point of numerous ground-breaking domains for as far back as 2,000 years. However, over the most recent 30 years the nation has been in turmoil because of significant wars - from the Soviet intrusion of 1979 to their withdrawal in 1989 and from warlord to the evacuation of the Taliban in 2001 and the following American and NATO attack. Monetarily, Afghanistan is viewed as poor in comparison with numerous other countries of the world. The nation is right now undergoing major modernization. Afghanistan has gone through the most recent 3 decades in the news for all inappropriate reasons. While it has a lot to offer to the brave explorer care is advised and travel to Kabul is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. The Government exercises little power over huge pieces of the nation. Terrorism is a gigantic issue, with Government powers battling against Taliban extremists.