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    A Feeble Email From Electric Zoo Confirms There Is Still No Timeline For Refunds

    Festivalgoers remain outraged as Electric Zoo still has not given a timeline for well-deserved refunds.

    With a last-minute cancellation of the festival’s first day, overcrowding issues, and paying customers turned away at the festival gates, Electric Zoo 2023 was one of the biggest festival debacles in recent memory—and the only festival ever to receive an overall F grade on EDM Maniac’s Festival Report Card.

    After organizers announced that the festival’s venue, Randall’s Island Park, reached capacity on its final day—likely due to overselling—many ticket holders never even entered the festival. Some of those who did rushed the venue in a dangerous gate-crashing incident.

    In the weeks following, thousands of ticket holders have reached out to Electric Zoo with the hope of receiving a refund for the expensive ticket.

    Today, almost two weeks after the event, organizers responded publicly for the first time, sending a vague email to passholders, thanking them for their “patience.” 

    In what one fan called “a world record for the amount of words used to say absolutely nothing,” the email update offered no concrete information on the refund process, leaving many fans scratching their heads and debating whether to “lawyer up.”

    A portion of the email reads as follows: 

    “For those who have reached out asking for an update regarding refunds for Friday and Sunday, we want to assure you that your satisfaction remains our top priority. We have been working tirelessly with our partners for the past week to reach the best solution for you. We’re not prepared to offer specifics on the refund process at this time, but we ask for your patience as we navigate the process.”

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    Electric Zoo’s reputation now remains in limbo. Once cherished as the only large-scale festival in New York City, there are serious doubts as to whether it will return. Last week, NYC Mayor Eric Adams suggested the city may take legal action against organizers.

    Read the full email from Electric Zoo below via festiveowl

    Featured image from Electric Zoo.



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