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    5 Artists At CRSSD Fall 2023 I Am Excited To See For The First Time

    This year’s fall edition of CRSSD is a festival unlike any other I have been to before. Its diverse lineup of house and techno along with its 21+ crowd has drawn me in and gotten me extremely excited to check it out.

    After over 12 editions of CRSSD, it’s become a household name in the world of American festivals, and I can’t wait to see it for myself.

    This will be my first iteration of not only this festival, but it will be my first San Diego festival ever. I have been going to music festivals consistently since 2018 and I am ecstatic to see that there are so many heavy hitters at CRSSD with whom I haven’t gotten wild on the dancefloor (yet, that is).

    Check out five artists I am excited to see for the first time at CRSSD Fall, 2023.

    1. Emmit Fenn

    Emmit Fenn is a singer, DJ, and producer from California who I have discovered recently from his collaboration with Elderbrook, “I’ll Find My Way To You.”

    This collaboration features both artists’ production knowledge and vocals, with a focus on ambient beats and a compelling story about love and commitment.

    Through listening to a few more songs, Fenn’s style of music brings me a sense of peace with minimalistic and repetitive beats. While he has been a newer discovery for me, I am excited to see how the production and stage design are set up.

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    Is he going to sing and play multiple instruments? I’m hoping so! 

    2. LP Giobbi

    Instrumentalist and powerhouse musician, LP Giobbi, is bringing her one-woman jam band/DJ production to CRSSD.

    She is not only one of the most talented musicians I’ve heard (playing piano stage while DJing), but she also owns Femme House through which she encourages women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized groups to amplify their voices while providing them a safe space to develop their music and business knowledge within the music industry.

    3. Ben Böhmer 

    I first heard about Ben Böhmer when his song, “Voodoo“ (with Tinklicker) randomly came up on my shuffle playlist back in May of this year.

    Immediately intrigued, I started to do more research and what drew me to listening to more of his discography was the way “Voodoo” was able to draw emotion out of me, especially with the instrumentals.

    While lyrics get to me easily, the instrumentals in Voodoo are a perfect blend of indie and deep house which brought me to a state of peace, love, and heartbreak.

    I am interested to see how he builds his set at CRSSD, as it is labeled as a live set. I am anticipating this set to be my favorite of the whole weekend. 

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    4. Charlotte de Witte 

    Charlotte de Witte is a techno behemoth that I have been waiting to see since I first heard her remix of “The Age Of Love” with her partner Enrico Sanguiliano.

    When I first got into the festival scene back in 2018, I was not drawn to techno at all. I focused more on headbanging and dubstep (Skrillex, Diesel, etc).

    While I have not outgrown dubstep completely, the more shows I go to, the more I want to feel moved by music (and not let it move me—literally), I have found myself more drawn to the sounds of Charlotte de Witte and techno as a whole.

    The slow build-up of beats and the crowd it brings (21+ at CRSSD) are the perfect combination of a fantastic time and a less sore neck afterwards. 

    5. Fatboy Slim

    “The Rockefeller Skank,” “Praise You,” and “Right Here, Right Now,” are three of many of Fatboy Slim’s iconic hits. Unlike any of the other artists on the lineup, Fatboy Slim is a household name that both of my parents know and love.

    This set will feel nostalgic, funky, and joyful all at the same time. I am anticipating that an artist who has been producing electronic music since before I was born will put together his set and move the crowd in a way I have never seen before.

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    To keep the element of surprise alive, I have avoided listening to any of his live sets uploaded online, so I can have a first-time reaction to whatever Fatboy Slim decides to create on stage. 

    CRSSD is taking place September 23rd-24th, 2023, at Waterfront Park in San Diego, CA. Tickets are currently sold out. 

    Featured photo provided by CRSSD/Juliana Bernstein



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